Why your cuticles are important

Shellac, gel, and French manicures are only a few of the options to bring elegance and class to your hands. With chic pastels of bold colours, the nails can match any look that you crave. Whether you want sparkles, a cute picture, or plain styles, your nail salon can provide you with ample choices.

96% of women state that having their nails done makes them feel better about themselves. 86% say that they would not go to a job interview without a recent manicure.

Many women have tried to affix nails themselves that have gone wrong or had the disastrous effects of going to untrained nail technicians to have their nails looked after. You must look for practitioners who know what they are doing. Searching for experienced professionals is not just to ensure the looks you are trying to achieve, but also for your health.
Whether you opt for Shellac or gel additions, the cuticles are an essential part of the process. Regrettably, many people do not understand their importance.

The cuticle is the piece of hard skin that grips the nail in place, preventing it from breaking, slipping, or catching. It is a waterproof layer that protects bacteria from entering the body. Once the bacteria get in, there is a risk of infections in and around your nail. There is a further entering the bloodstream that could lead to further issues.

With the average woman visiting the salon twice a month, there is plenty of opportunities for bacteria to climb in if the cuticles are not looked after correctly.

When you visit a trained professional to get your Shellac or gel nails perfected, they will know that your cuticles need to go through a process.

After soaking your fingers to soften the cuticles, they will add a cuticle lotion to your nails. This process moisturises and softens the cuticles so that they can be pushed back towards the finger. By persuading the nails to return to their original place, they maintain their function to protect the fingers while neatly aligned, ready for your new look. When it comes to the cuticles, they mustn’t be damaged. Protecting them from damage can be achieved by ensuring that they are soaked and moisturised sufficiently. It is only once they are unmistakably soft and mouldable that attempts should be made to encourage their movement.