Why threading is better than waxing

Eyebrows are one of the most notable features on your face. They provide the emphasis on surprised, shocked or frowning. For this reason, making sure that your eyebrows look the way you want them to is essential for your confidence and your ability to express yourself.

Threading is a practice that originated in Asia and the Middle East. Due to the precision lines and immediately seen elegance, threading has gained popularity in the UK. The traditional western wax is reducing in dominance, and we can explain why.

There are several side effects of waxing that are not an issue for waxing. Due to the heat from the wax, the use of chemicals on the skin, and how the wax will grip everything beneath it, waxing can lead to a higher risk of burns, swelling, and irritation. When you leave the salon, you will not necessarily feel the effects of luxurious treatment. It will be apparent to people around you that you have just had your eyebrows waxed and feel uncomfortable, maybe a little bit tender as well.

Threading, on the other hand, leaves no risk of burning or swelling. If you have sensitive skin, then you are even more likely to benefit from threading. This is because it only attaches to the hair and not the skin. In this way, your complexion is unchanged so that you can stroll out of the salon feeling beautiful and confident. Ready to walk straight into your meeting or go out for lunch with the girls.

There have been some concerns that threading can hurt more than waxing. Threading can take 10 minutes to create the perfect look, while waxing takes seconds. Waxing is an excellent treatment for swiftly removing hair and dead skin cells. When practiced correctly, threading should cause no pain, leaving no redness, swelling, or irritation. Therefore overall time is minuscule compared to waxing.

To get the best results from threading or waxing: it is vital to ensure that you have a trained and qualified beautician. Many technicians practice using guesswork, carried out incorrectly, ingrown hairs or damaged follicles could become an issue.

Another benefit of threading over waxing is that all hairs are can be reached, even those tiny, fine blonde ones that waxing and tweezing cannot grip. If you experience threading, you can be happy that your hair will not grow back for up to 8 weeks; twice the waxing technique.

Alternatives for longer-lasting hair removal can include laser hair removal and electrolysis. All hair removal techniques have benefits and side effects that you can discuss with your technician.