What is Keratin

Keratin is a product that is finding its way into many beauty treatments, but what is it?

It is a naturally produced protein that is created by living all creatures who have bones. It provides strength, repairs, and provides protection.

If your hair is blocking the plughole or the strands are brittle; snapping off at the slightest touch, then your Keratin levels may be below the recommended levels. Keratin is the component responsible for making your hair strong, allowing it to grow and still look great.

Keratin treatments help to smooth and coat hair. By smothering the shafts of hair, it locks in moisture, leaving a smooth and gleaming appearance. The intertwined structures ensure that the hair receives an opportunity to absorb moisture and maintain a healthy look.

This treatment for your hair should be carried out every 3-4 months.

If your skin is dry and calloused, this could also be due to a lack of Keratin. The protein is responsible for the growth of cells so that the skin remains firm and elastic. If the skin is allowed to become dry and thin, the appearance of wrinkles can develop. By replacing the missing Keratin proteins, it is possible to put off the signs of aging for many years. By keeping the moisture locked in, Keratin can influence pigmentation and the production of melanin. It also prevents bacteria and other organisms from entering your skin. It is a waterproofing protein that ensures your skin will have a healthy, clean and flawless look while delaying the aging process.

The results from skin treatment with Keratin can last up to 6 months with the correct aftercare.

Fingernails are also related to Keratin. If they lack this protein, they will become dry and brittle, leading to chips and breaks. If you consider that Keratin is the protein that creates the hardened hoofs and horns of animals, you can understand how strong your nails could be.

Unfortunately, the chemicals within some nail polishes can cause the top layer of nails to become damaged, making them more likely to crack. Breaking a nail is not a pleasant feeling which can lead to awkward growth in the future. For this reason, nails must receive enough moisture to remain strong. Keratin treatment can provide that moisture, repair the damage and protect the nails from breaking again.

If you love to have your nails done, whether at home or by a professional nail technician, then having a Keratin treatment will repair any damage previously caused to ensure that your next set of Shellacs looks and feel great.
Keratin treatments for the nails should be completed every 2-3 weeks for the best, long-lasting results. This can time in perfectly for when you get your nails done at the salon.