What happened when competitor Primark Beauty Studio (aka Rawr) left us a fake one-star review?

BEUTIVA is a new five-star, full-service hair and beauty spa that prides itself on its commitment to providing the highest quality treatments, service and overall experience to its customers.

We’ve welcomed more than 1500 people through our doors since opening in Bromley High Street in MAY 2021, and have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

For new businesses such as ours, customer views, reviews and word of mouth are incredibly important, particularly with so much choice available to customers in and around Bromley.

That’s why we take the time and effort to seek the honest opinions of our customers – to learn what they truly thought about their BEUTIVA experience and what measures we can put in place to improve it ahead of their next visit.

It’s also why we’ve taken the decision to robustly defend our business and reputation against any malicious or unfair reviews.

Sadly, the first such review appeared recently.

We were so shocked to receive our first and only 1 star review, which was accompanied with the comment “overpriced and poor service”, that we decided to delve into the details.

We soon found that the review was posted by one of our High Street rivals, Primark Beauty Studio (aka Rawr), and that no treatment has ever taken place.

We welcome a bit of healthy competition from other salons in the area as it helps us ensure our standards never slip and we always deliver our five-point BEUTIVA customer promise.

But for us, this fake review crossed a line. That’s why we wrote the following open letter to Rawr, and anyone else who enjoys leaving bogus one-star reviews.


Many thanks for reaching out to us over email and for the one-star review you left us on Google. At BEUTIVA, we work extremely hard to deliver an impeccable level of service to every client that walks through our doors.

Whilst we appreciate all honest feedback from our trusting clients, we have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty, this extends to fake reviews, just like the one you left us. On the rare occasion that an unhappy client does leave us a negative review, we immediately investigate and seek to rectify the situation.

However, upon investigation we found no such bookings under the name ‘Rawr Beauty’ or ‘T’ (it is against our ethics to name anyone personally) , so we dug a bit further. It didn’t take us long to understand the review was left by a competitor. We can only imagine that you wanted to mislead our potential clients and sabotage our thriving business.

Rawr Fake Email Review of BEUTIVA

Rawr Fake Review of BEUTIVA

Rawr Fake Review of BEUTIVA

Rawr Fake Review of BEUTIVA

Even though we would have preferred a welcome basket as your new neighbours, the fact that you have decided to target BEUTIVA with your email and fake one star review is downright flattering. To be honest,  it speaks volumes about what we are achieving in Bromley. If our approach to providing clients with 5-star service and treatments is threatening you, we must be doing everything right.

We haven’t seen Rawr leave any other negative reviews on any of its other competitors across its 26 outlets?  To be singled out gives us all the confidence we need to know we’re doing amazingly well.

Just in case you weren’t aware, leaving fake reviews is classed as an unfair commercial practice which is illegal under the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. We’re also not sure that your conduct would be in line Primark’s principes, but don’t worry – we’ll take it up with Primark management separately.

Your review was sent to us at 2 am on a Monday morning! If a competitor is keeping you up at night, maybe you could use that time more productively to figure out what we’re doing right?

Rawr Fake Email Review of BEUTIVA

Your website states #HearMyRawr! We heard it loud and clear… and we are sleeping even easier.

Best wishes,


As we said above, we’re always open to fair competition. We love sharing notes and building camaraderie with our competitors, have a lot of friends in the industry and believe there’s always room for a new quality salon.

But Rawr doesn’t seem to feel the same way, and that’s a real shame. Luckily, Google does not tolerate fake reviews either, and has removed it.

If you want to see how quality customer service and stunning results can make all the difference in the beauty care industry, come and experience the BEUTIVA difference.

Rawr Fake Email Review of BEUTIVA

Rawr Fake Review of BEUTIVA