The Swedish massage

Developed from a chance encounter with healing, Per Henrick Ling, began tapping his injured elbow and found that his pain eased. Over the following decades, the technique has been perfected and mastered so that it can provide you with a multitude of benefits.

The Swedish massage is an effective pain relief and an alternative medical treatment for conditions like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, with 61% of doctors recommending it. AMTA found that 43% of patients attended sessions for the management of their pain and overall health. A further 29% had sessions to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. The rest were unsure why they chose to have a massage but found themselves enjoying it anyway.

Massages of this type improve the circulation of fluid and advance lymphatic drainage while eradicating metabolic waste. These functions decrease healing times for illness and injury while reducing swelling and water retention.

The soft, rhythmic movements of the Swedish massage allow the client to relax during the session. If relaxation is what you are looking for, then this massage will do just that. By avoiding the bony structures and deep tissues the Swedish massage can provide calming effects without pain or strange movements.

Research and feedback have proven the mental health benefits of this technique and confirm that it relieves the symptoms of depression and anxiety while increasing concentration.

By calming not only your mind but the whole of your nervous system, everything from your mind to your toes can experience what it is like to feel complete relaxation being achieved.

Suitable for clients who are sensitive to touch, the massage techniques are performed with varying intensities.

A Swedish massage uses five techniques to ensure that you are left in a relaxed, ache-free condition. These are known as Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Vibration, and Tapotement. By focussing on the soft tissues of your body, a Swedish massage is ideal for newcomers to the massage environment.

An added bonus of the Swedish massage is that it will improve your muscle tone, strength, and skin tone.

As with any form of relaxation massage, being content in your surroundings is very important. For this reason, ambient lighting, soft music, the smells of essential oils, and the comfortable, clean linen is provided. When you leave, you should find yourself feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.