Nails- Dipping Powders vs Gel Polish

Dipping powder is a combination of powder and glue which bonds itself to your nails whereas a gel polish is cured in between coats.

What are the benefits of dipping powder?

Dipping powders are in a league of their own as they do not come in the desired colour ready for painting on but in a powder that is chemically activated to release the desired shade. The layers of powder, rather than one or two coatings, make the nails more durable and stronger than other polishes.

Due to the layered application and the hardness of the activated powder, the dip powder manicure will last significantly longer than any other product. Many clients who receive a dipping powder manicure will find that they do not begin to chip for up to 3 weeks. Some clients have reported 5 weeks of chip free elegance on occasion.

Dipping powder has the added benefit of being non-toxic so you do not need to battle with the odours while you are trying to relax during your pampering. The sealers and base coat are however packed full of vitamins and nutrients that will support the health of your nails.

With dipping powder it is also possible to mix and match different colours so that your nails become as unique as you. This is a benefit that is exclusive to this treatment.


What are the benefits of gel polish?

Gels form a very close resemblance to natural nails and therefore feel more traditional than other treatments.

As gel polishes need to be cured, they are mouldable until you achieve the look that you want. This is probably the best quality of these nails as you are able to keep working them until you have reached your goal. Once you are happy you can set it in stone under the lamp.

If you suffer with soft or brittle nails then gel nails will provide the strength that you are lacking while looking great. You will be able to spend a few weeks feeling confident that you will not be faced with a painful nail breaking while trying to concentrate on something.

Should I chose dipping powder or gel nail polish?

When it comes to decisions about dipping powder vs gel polish the choice is ultimately down to taste as they both have very similar benefits. For some clients the fact that gel nails need to be cured between coats, underneath a light source such as a UV or LED lamp, can be the deterring factor.

For other clients, the time that it takes to work through the layered application of dip powders can be off putting. If you are looking for something original and mixable then the powder will be exactly what you need.

Points to remember

The proper application and removal of the polish or powder is essential in keeping your nails healthy and strong. For this to happen please talk to your professional about the options and which would be the best for you and your choice.