How young is too young for age defence?

Whether it is because young people could not afford the luxury of anti-aging products and beauty treatments or because they thought they were immune to the ever-growing wrinkles, facials were always something for the over 40’s.

With recent developments in age-defying treatments, preventative care is more successful than undoing the effects after they have appeared. While the range of skincare for young people is becoming a market of its own, people have been asking whether it is necessary.

There are several considerations when contemplating the use of anti-aging facials while still in your youth. Regrettably, even the salons that provide them do not always know the ins and outs. That is why you must get an expert opinion from a trained and experienced technician.

Advertised as luxurious, replenishing, and revitalising, many facials have gained popularity over others; however, the side effects can be an issue. Differing skin types are important to recognise when deciding on which facial would be most suitable. In particular, if you have sensitive skin, the ingredients in over-the-counter or inexperienced salons may dry out or irritate the skin. If the skin is dry, it ages quicker than well moisturised skin.

The PH level of the solutions that are absorbed by your face is very important. If the level is more acidic than your natural levels, then it will lead to your skin becoming dehydrated and irritated. Your beautician must use calm and soothing solutions that will balance the PH levels and minimise any potential of irritation.

Moisture should be kept in while dryness is kept out. For this reason, alcohol-based serums should be avoided. Alcohol is a dehydrating solution that will leave your skin inflamed and rough, potentially with a red glow that does not correspond to a healthy glow.

Fragrances are also irritating to the skin and likely to leave your eyes watery, your nose, and skin itching.

To ensure that your skin does not age prematurely due to the products used it is important to discuss your treatments with a professional and find the correct products for your skin.

It is unlikely that anyone under the age of twenty will need to have a facial for age prevention as skin cells do not begin to lessen collagen production until age 20. Until then, elasticity can be maintained through hydration, avoiding sunlight, smoking, and pollution. If you have any skin conditions like excess acne, then a facial may be suitable for you. Speak to a professional for advice about what your options are before buying products yourself though.