How to prepare your hair for colour

Whether you need a refresh or a touch-up, you have booked in with your salon to get your hair coloured, and now you may be panicking about whether your hair is too damaged or clogged up to accept the colour and let it shine glamorously. Beutiva would like to help you to get your hair ready so that the results are even better than you could have imagined.

The preparation for your hair can take a week, so starting the groundwork early will ensure that you are as relaxed as possible while your hair colourist takes care of the rest.

A week before your appointment

Clarifying your hair can remove the build-up of products that you have been using for the last month or so. You can find hair clarifying products in the supermarket, or your salon can recommend one for you. Several treatments that are available at your salon can prepare your hair and undo any damage for you. If you are trying to keep costs down, using a mixture of shampoo and baking soda can remove a fair amount of product debris.

A few days before your appointment

At this point, your hair will appreciate a deep protein treatment to restore moisture and balance the PH levels. This treatment will allow your hair to evenly absorb the colour.

The day before your appointment

You must not wash your hair for 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. This will allow the natural hair oils to develop. These oils will provide a protective barrier that will keep your hair healthy following the chemical colouring.

Shaping your hair is also a big no-no. The natural shape and colour of your hair will be altered by the heat of a hairdryer or straighteners. Your stylist must be able to see your true colour if you want the desired shade achieving. There are so many colour shades and tones available that your colourist will want to ensure that they are matching your hopes.

Unfortunately, you cannot dramatically change the colour of your hair in one sitting. If there is a way, then it would make colouring a lot easier for everyone. For drastic changes, be prepared for two or three sittings before you get the colour that you were dreaming of. Patience is key to achieving beautifully natural results.