How to look after your eyelash extensions

There is nothing quite like getting your fresh set of eyelash extensions. Walking out of the salon with long, full lashes can boost your confidence significantly.

Designed to last for 2-3 weeks, the extensions will grow out with your natural lashes unless you get regular infills, in which case they can last as long as you want them to.

Regardless of whether you opt for individual eyelash extensions, Russian volume, or SVS, aftercare is essential to maintain their elegance. Beutiva has put together an aftercare guide for you to follow so that you can enjoy your lashes for as long as possible.

      1. For the first 24 hours, you must not get the lashes wet. The glue needs time to set so that your lashes will remain in place.
      2. Oil must be avoided to maintain the look. The oil easily breaks down glue, and your lashes could fall out prematurely. If you are using makeup, cleansers, or moisturisers, always opt for an oil-free product. Your skin will naturally produce oils, so do make sure you wash them at least once a day to remove the grease.
      3. Avoid touching your lashes. Rubbing and pulling will cause them to fall out in your fingers. Not only would this damage the extension but also the natural lashes that they are attached to.
      4. Regularly brushing your lashes will keep them tidy and stimulate the growth of your natural lashes.
      5. If possible, sleep on your back so that your lashes do not rub off your pillows. There could be nothing worse than the lashes on your left eye rubbing off while the lashes on your right eye remain intact.
      6. Getting regular lash infills can increase the time between treatments. Eyelashes naturally fall out, and this natural shedding can lead to gaps appearing in your beautiful lashes. Infills can fill these gaps and return your pristine-looking eyes.
      7. Do not pull them off if you have chosen not to have infills. The recommended way to have them removed is by visiting the salon. The professionals will be able to remove them without causing damage to your natural lashes. If you insist on detaching them yourself at home, then liberal applications of oil-based products can help you to dissolve the glue. Bearing in mind that the eyes are one of the five senses and an important part of life, we do not recommend trying this at home.