How to get the best of red

The personality of a redhead has far exceeded its reputation. With a fiery temper and an outgoing personality, redheads are supposed to be outspoken fighters. Is this why red has become a popular colour for women following lockdown?

With so many people deciding to dye their hair with a colour that says that they will not take COVID rules laying down, salons face an influx of customers who want to make the uplifting and audacious change to vibrancy. Colour specialists are producing more shades so that there is something to match everyone’s needs, desires and to keep up with client demands.

If you are one of the daring clients looking for a fresh colour to go with your new start, then there are considerations that you may want to discuss with your professional colourist. Red is a colour that is not just fiery in personality but fiery in maintenance as well, so to keep that glowing shine, getting the aftercare right will make all of the difference.

Things to discuss with your professional will include which shade is ideal for your skin tone. As red is a strong shade and the wrong tint could create a washed-out look. When you want confidence, you need to look healthy. A professional stylist will be able to analyse your skin and hair tones before the colour is applied.

The molecules in red hair dye are the largest of any. Therefore, they can fall out of your hair easily when washing. This means that it will need to be cared for in between your sessions. Your stylist will be able to guide you on the aftercare of your chosen colour and recommend shampoos, serums, and treatments that will ensure that your new look stays perfect for as long as possible.

The healthier that your hair is, the higher the chance of the colour being as your desired.  If your hair is long, thick, and unhealthy, then it will take longer to lift the colour before applying the red. If the hair is damaged and porous, then the colour will not attach properly. This lack of attachment will lead to noticeable fading very quickly. There are things that you can do at home to prepare your hair for dying. Your professional will be happy to talk you through this.  The healthier and more hydrated your hair is, the longer your colour and vibrancy remain.

If you need the colour placement quickly or feel like you need a fast, dramatic improvement to the health of your hair, then your colourist can discuss hot oil and moisture treatments with you to ensure that it is in the best condition possible.