It’s Sandal Season! Are you ready?

How is your post lockdown make-over going? Highlights, check, eyebrows check …maybe a total hair restyling? Feeling good about the way we look increases our overall well-being and after 2020, we are all in need of top to toe TLC!.

So, are you ready to put your best foot forward?

Our feet can get something of a raw deal. We expect a lot from them. Running, biking, teetering along in skyscraper heels and dancing from dawn till dusk ( once we are allowed to).

So, in this short guide we are going to offer a few tips and tricks to ensure your feet are sandal season ready.

Home Treatments

Make certain to get off on the right foot by ensuring your feet are clean and dry before any lotions or potions are applied. This can be done in a bowl or perhaps in the bath, throw in some Epsom salts for increased softness.

Remember to cut the nails. Not only does this look aesthetically more pleasing, it also prevents any pain or discomfort. NB: Always cut nails straight across.

Hard skin is a side effect of neglected feet or feet that have been working very hard. And not only does it look unsightly, it can also be quite uncomfortable. So, invest in a good foot file to remove the dead skin and leave your feet feeling soft and supple.

Apply a foot moisturiser to ensure you protect your feet from further dryness. Do this daily. You would never forget to moisturise your face so do the same for your feet, after all, you only get one pair.

Let the girls at Beutiva sweep you off your feet with a fantastic Paraffin Wax treatment

The professional team at Beutiva offer a wide range of pedicure treatments, from general maintenance to packages which are specifically designed to tackle calluses, joint pain and promote new skin cell growth. However, the luxurious Paraffin Wax Treatment takes things a step further.

Paraffin Wax is a natural skin emollient which locks in moisture and continues to take effect after the treatment is completed. The treatment improves the appearance of your feet but also can be an effective in minimising joint pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. This treatment can also be used in conjunction with a manicure.