Glow Up or Go Home. Your guide to glossier skin!

The disappearance of the meticulously matte make-up models gracing cosmetic counters up and down the country has never been more apparent. Our appetite for the baked in, layered cake aesthetic has been well and truly sated and replaced with a penchant for glassier and glowing skin goals.

A trend primarily driven by K-Beauty, the rise of radiance was propelled by a crossover of beauty products designed to benefit the skin whilst creating an incandescent and luminous look. It’s a desire to love the skin you’re in and a less is more make up mantra!

Perhaps lockdown fueled the trend further. We were gifted with time to reflect, freed from day to day make-up and really take care of our overall well-being. The dewy skin concept aligns with choosing to live well, investing in diet, exercise and allowing the glow to come from within.

Do you want to “look lit” from within?

These easy steps will enable you to transform your skin from dull to dewy. Routine is important, but take the time, after all you wear it every day!

Time to Cleanse

Let’s face it, this is a very basic step and something we should be doing every day. Dust, dirt, pollution and make up work to clog pores, making our skin seem dull and lack lustre. Find a good daily cleanser suitable for your skin type and ensure to wash your face in the morning and before bed.


Exfoliating your skin removes the outer layers of dead skin cells which can instantly add a freshness to your face. Use an appropriate face scrub twice to three times a week.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Most people are pretty set with their moisturising routine but often only take it skin deep! However good hydration starts from within. Hydration is related to skin cell renewal so ensure your topping up.

Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods

Anti-Oxidant rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are effective in helping protect against UV damage which is one of the biggest threats to healthy and glowing skin.


A K-Beauty innovation which allows you to cheat, just a little. Glotion is a crossover product which contains beneficial ingredients such as glycerin and Vitamin C, whilst offering a subtle sparkle to the skin. Feel lifted, feel luminous.

Face Time Fast Track

Looking for a faster fix? Book in some face-time with the girls at Beutiva who offer a range of treatments from express facials to specialised treatments addressing problems such as acne and hyper pigmentations.