Eyelash Extensions: Strips vs Individual Lashes

When it comes to improving the look of your eyes the options are monumental. Although not a new treatment, eyelash extensions are growing in popularity. Even when you have managed to whittle it down to wanting extensions, the choice can still seem endless. For this reason we will look at the differences between individual lash extensions and strip lashes so that you are better informed when making your choice.

What are the benefits of strip extensions?

Strip lashes consist of a full set that span the entire length of the eyelid and provide a dramatic effect. Individual extensions however are single lashes or fans that are applied to each natural lash to make them longer and fuller.

Due to the strip lashes being removable they will not get in the way of your routines. If you normally go for a daily swim or have a shower twice a day then all you need to do is remove them until later.

Strip extensions can last up to 12 hours and can be removed, then reapplied up to seventeen times over two weeks. After this time they should be discarded and a new pair purchased. As all of the individual lashes are attached to one long strip they can be applied quickly and easily.

As the lashes are attached to the eyelid instead of the eyelashes there is no risk to your natural features, in fact, the range of options can simply enhance your already beautiful eyes.

Unfortunately strip lashes can look a little odd if a part begins to unstick. For this reason it would be a good idea to carry around a small bottle of glue so that you can reapply them and regain the desired look.

What are the benefits of individual extensions?

Unlike strips, individual lashes are semi-permanent and will last until your natural lashes fall out.  With individual lashes you can let them fall out or you can get regular infills.

whereas individual lashes can take 2 – 3 hours to be applied dependent on the fullness that you require.

Lash extensions can encourage growth of your natural lashes

Comparing individual lash extensions with strips

Due to the lashes being individually applied to your natural lashes the cost is higher than for strip lashes. Strip lashes are applied across the eyelid so there is a lot less time required. This reduced time makes them cheaper than individual extensions.

If lash extensions fall off they are more expensive to replace than strip lashes. As they are glued to the natural ones, they will also pull these out which could result in bald patches around your eyes.

Having to carry around a small bottle of glue is certainly a con of the strip lashes making the lash extensions semi-permanent procedure much more long term.

Whichever style you opt for it is vital that you leave them alone once they are on. If you are reapplying the lashes yourself then ensure that the tools are sterilised to salon standards so that you reduce the risk of developing pink eye, infections and bald patches.

Also remember that whether you are using glue at home or at the salon there is a potential that you may have an allergic reaction which could result in swollen eyes. If this happens then please reach out to a salon so that they can be removed immediately.