Everything you need to know about waxing

Waxing has been a popular way to remove hair for many years. Whether using hot or strip wax, every part of the body can become hairless for 3 – 6 weeks.

Benefits of waxing

Waxing is ideal for a quick treatment that will remove hair within minutes. It has the added benefit of exfoliating the surrounding skin, which will leave a smooth complexion after the initial redness has subsided.

Wax is the preferred method of hair removal by many because it does not leave a shaving rash, and there are no razor cuts or nicks that are not only sore, but bleed and bleed. That irritating itch that arrives due to chemicals drying out the skin or razor burns will be non-existent, allowing you to enjoy the smooth, clear, shiny texture that you are left with. Whether it is your face or your legs that are being treated, you can feel confident that you will have fewer ingrown hairs when they come back. The hair that does return will not only be finer; there will be less of it as well.

Disadvantages of waxing

As with the majority of treatments, people with sensitive skin may find that they have a flare-up of dry skin patches or irritation. Hot wax may be a better option in this situation than strips.

The pain can sometimes be quite dramatic until you are used to it. The good news is that it is over very quickly.

It is a good idea to have a chat with your professional before waxing to ensure that the hairs are of a suitable length and thickness for waxing to be successful. If the hair does not want to be removed, waxing may struggle to grip and pull it.

Things to watch out for

The hygiene rating of your chosen salon should be checked and confirmed when undertaking a wax treatment. As the pores are open for up to six hours following the treatment, there is a potential for bacteria to enter, which can create rashes, burns, and boils.

Alternatives to waxing

If waxing is not suitable for your tastes or hair type, then alternatives include threading, laser hair removal, or electrolysis. Each of which can be explained to your by your professional hair remover.

Waxing Aftercare

Now that your face or body is free from unwanted hair, you can enjoy a smooth and shiny finish. To ensure that your skin stays this way, it is a good idea to wear loose clothing for the remainder of the day. If you have braved the Brazilian wax, then you will probably appreciate comfortable underwear.

If you find that you get red bumps or inflammation, applying a cold compress or cool gel such as tea tree oil or aloe vera can help to cool and soothe the area.

After three days, it is a good time to exfoliate your skin. Your pores will have closed, and your skin will have recovered.