Everything you need to know about Henna brows

If you are looking for a 3D brow effect, then Henna brows are probably your first choice.

Benefits of Henna brows

As Henna brows stain the skin, they give your brows a fuller 3D effect. Henna is perfect for clients who have plucked their brows too much or find that the fullness is disappearing. Henna can even encourage the hair to grow back in all of the right places.

Lasting for up to six weeks Henna brows will look great for nearly twice as long as other tinting options. The tint that is applied to your skin will stay in place for up to 10 days as well, meaning the 3D effects are not just for a one-off occasion.

Henna provides wonderful coverage for grey hairs, and as the chemicals and harsh ingredients are limited compared to other options, it is a great option for sensitive skin.

Disadvantages of Henna brows

Henna is a type of dye that has been used since unknown times on the skin. It is available in the form of temporary tattoos, hair colouring, and much more. For this reason, there are few side effects if used correctly.

There are circumstances when the brows will lose their colour quickly than expected. If you have oily skin, then the stain will not grip as well to the face. If you wash your new brows, then this will encourage the dye to come away. Skin that suffers from conditions like; eczema or dermatitis may also result in the stain beginning to fade quite quickly.

As the stain grabs hold of the hair, it is best suited to those who have more brow hair. While awaiting the growth, however, the skin stain will still last up to 10 days.

Things to watch out for

It is important that your professional sources a good quality Henna. This is because there are some products on the market that contain harmful ingredients. If your salon is experienced and knows what they are looking for, then you can rest assured that Henna is a great choice.

Alternatives to Henna brows

Tinting, HD brows, and Brow lamination are all alternatives to Henna. They also provide semi-permanent effects that can make your brows look full and stylishly designed instantly.

Henna brows aftercare

When you have Henna brows, you need to ensure that you drink plenty of water but avoid water from hot showers and baths. Avoid the use of products over the brow, this includes cleansers and exfoliators. Makeup wipes should also be avoided to maintain the stain for longer. If you find that it is not the shade that you were after then talk to your professional as we can tone it down. Do not try to scrub it off as this can cause it to become patchy and sore.

If you rebook your treatments every 3 weeks, then the stain will begin to build up. This will allow even longer-lasting results.