Dealing with the effects of the face mask

The lockdown has caused a lot of strain on everyone. Now that the world has started to open up, there has been an abundance of bookings for self-care routines so that they can begin feeling like themselves again.

One thing that has taken its toll on your body is the face mask, and many people are trying to rid themselves of the effects.

The side effects of using face masks have been researched by Tachasation et al, 2020 and their results showed that 54% of wearers reported having a skin reaction when they were wearing them. In particular, acne, rashes, and itchy skin were the most commonly described issues.

Although face masks have been essential to maintaining the pandemic casualties, they can rub roughly on the chin, cheeks, and nose. This rubbing can lead to chafing, raw skin, breakouts, and inflamed skin.

Even if you follow the guidelines and clean your mask regularly, they absorb molecules from the air or detergent that becomes trapped next to the skin. This can lead to irritation such as hives, sensitivity, and dryness.

If you have a skin condition already that was usually already under control, then you have probably noticed that you have recently had a flare-up. These conditions could be rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema. Even the dreaded teenage acne can reappear because the pores cannot breathe underneath the mask leading to them becoming blocked. The humidity becomes trapped next to the skin also provides an active breeding ground for bacteria to flourish.

With salons unable to open for so long, clients have taken to buying serums and cleansers at the supermarket. Although these do have their uses, many can exacerbate the issues due to the harsh ingredients. Clients are therefore finding that the symptoms are worsening rather than improving.

Clients are searching for ways to look their best again and know that facials are the answer. Classic facials can steam, exfoliate and extract blockages from pores to eradicate acne. Sensitive skin facials can calm, soothe and nourish the face to provide relief for your flare-up and restore the skin’s natural glow. Intensive moisturising facials will add the essential lipids that lock the moisture into your skin while nourishing and hydrating it.