The Eyes Have It!

For those of us who have spent many years perfecting the pout, mask wearing is particularly irksome. We invest in our lip colours and don’t particularly like seeing it smudged on the inside of our masks.

So whilst we may have just found our perfect classic red ( which is never an easy feat), for now it’s time to focus the attention on our eyes.

The Power Of The Eyebrow

Underestimate the power of the eyebrow at your peril. An enhanced eyebrow adds definition and drama to your face. From pencils to pomades, there is a vast range of products on the mar-ket to enable you to perfect your brow game.

Top Tip: Take care not to be tempted to the dark side, a brow has just as much wow, even when applied with a lighter shade

Yet as the WFH, ( Work From Home, where have you been?) directive is changing, we find ourselves increasingly time poor on the masked commute to the office. So perhaps now would be the perfect time to invest in a little professional help.

Eyebrow tinting, brow lamination and the increasingly popular HD brow, the professionals at Beutiva salon are on hand to assist. These semi permanent solutions enable you to achieve a defined and fuller look for day to day wear. Easy!

Turn Up The Volume Of Your Lashes

By now we have all experienced the problems with being heard whilst wearing our masks, but your eyes can say so much….so turn up the volume.

And the key is to keep it subtle. Spidery eyelashes look overload-ed, keep it real but enhanced.

For nervous first time lash wearers it may be worth having a consultation with a professional at Beutiva Salon who will be on hand to guide and assist you with the look you require.

Shimmer Into Summer

Sparkly eyeshadow can seem a tad intimidating, after all, it’s not the 90s anymore. However a well chosen sparkly eyeshadow adds texture to the eyelid and can actually give you a subtle summery glow. Opt for the Midas look with a touch of golden hue.

Final Tip

To prevent smaller eyes being swamped with liner, only line the lower lash, finish with an exaggerated upwards sweep, just for extra drama.