Is Your Hair “Cutting It” Post Pandemic?

Covid 19 trends feeding the Gram in 2020 included sourdough starters, banana bread bake off’s and the ever popular messy bun…..The latter of course relating to our relaxed stay at home hair, rather than a delicious baked treat.

Fast forward to 2021 and your lockdown locks are probably in need of a switch up. At Beautiv, our stylists take an inclusive approach to current hair trends, allowing for personal expression, increased self confidence and an opportunity for you to present the best version of yourself to the world.

On Trend For 2021

The Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut allows a walk on the wild side, with tameable and moderate styling.

Join the pack of style setters embracing this layered, shaggy and bold cut. A crossover of the increasingly popular shag and mullet, the style features volume around the crown which thins out in the lower layers. The professional stylists at Beautiv are ready to help you recreate catwalk ready styles, whilst always considering functionality and everyday needs.

Get Banged Up

After lockdown, banged up is a phrase we don’t really want to hear again,……ever. And whilst bangs may be an Americanism for the fringe, the style is certainly trending on both sides of the pond.

Whilst a high maintenance blunt style is still acceptable, here at Beautiv our stylists are absolutely loving the freedom of longer length fringes, which look both softer and accentuate the cheekbones.

It’s all about the drama….

The 2021 glow up game knows no compromises, so get involved in the drama.

As we head back to normality, we can look forward to the onset of the back dated party invitations. There has never been a better opportunity to really get yourself noticed. We have been hiding away from the world, but now it’s time to be seen. Do away with uninspiring mid length cuts and opt for unkempt and uber long tresses.

Alternatively go short or go home! And if you already rocking a pixie style cut, you need to go even further. For 2021, shorter styles are bolder, rebellious and edgy, perhaps with a touch of androgyny.

Ask our Beautiv stylists for advice and recommendations.

Final Note: Restrictions are over ( almost) so challenge your personal boundaries with a daring aesthetic and enjoy a new sense of empowerment and freedom. We’ve been playing it safe for months, it’s time to challenge our comfort zones and enjoy a little fun.